Directors Service Address

Every director must provide Companies House with both their residential address and a service address.

The service address for each directorship will be available to the public, the director’s home address will only be given out to public authorities, such as HM Revenue & Customs or the police, and credit-reference agencies.

A director can choose any address as the service address (including the registered office of the company) but the address must be a place where documents can be delivered and a receipt can be provided if necessary. For example, PO Boxes and DX numbers are not allowed. If the director chooses to use their home as the service address the fact that the two addresses are the same will not be apparent from the public record.

Businesses should consider now for each director, whether to:

  • submit a service address to replace their home address in the company’s register of directors, and on the public record at Companies House and/or
  • to try and prevent disclosure of their home addresses to credit agencies by applying for a section 243 exemption.

Take advantage of using our office address on public record to ensure your home address is not disclosed and kept private.

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