Company Secretarial Services


Since the Companies Act 2006, unless there is an express requirement in your articles of association, private limited companies no longer need to appoint a company secretary – so why do I need one?

The simple answer is that even though it’s no longer a legal requirement to appoint a company secretary, the tasks they carry out still need to be done. In the absence of a company secretary the directors must take on the role and responsibilities. So that means even more workload for you.

As a result many directors wisely choose to outsource the role, reducing the administrative workload and burden of corporate governance, thus ensuring their compliance is easily maintained

Whether you are just about to set up a company or need assistance with the ongoing compliance requirements of your existing company

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Appoint M&N Group’s In House Company Secretary

We provide the professional chartered secretarial services you need to keep your business legal and properly governed.

Qualified in company law, corporate governance, administration, company secretarial practice, accounting management and accounting, we are trained to chart a course through the regulations, legislation and best practice to deliver effective compliance.

From time to time you may be asked to provide additional information for tax or legal purposes. We can help by preparing legal documentation to manage with such ‘one-off’ situations. We also work closely with law firms, notaries and the Foreign & Commonwealth Office.

Our core company secretarial services are:

  • The drafting and adoption of new articles of association
  • Increase or decrease the authorised share capital
  • Change the company name, classification of shares etc
  • Sale and purchase agreements
  • Convene annual and general meetings
  • Minute any directors’ or shareholders’ meetings
  • Assist with the restoration of dissolved companies
  • Draft board minutes to approve and authorise the signing of deeds or contracts
  • Draft board minutes to approve any amendments to the corporate account bank mandate
  • Organise the cancellation of unissued shares
  • Draft indemnity forms for lost share certificates
  • Reconstruct statutory registers and provide ratification minutes
  • Conveyancing administration which includes new membership and compliance certificates


M&N Group can provide an ‘in-house’ company to act as your named company secretary. Although not mandatory for a private limited company, it is preferable to appoint a secretary to ensure that all compliance and legal regulations are adhered to.

It is a legal obligation for every public limited company to have a company secretary. This must be a suitably qualified person such as A:

Chartered Accountant, Certified Accountant, Chartered Secretary, Barrister or Solicitor.


We provide company secretarial services mainly to :