Residents Management Company

When you purchase the leasehold of a property, you may become a member of a Residents Management Company also known as an RMC.

An RMC is a limited company set up to own the freehold and protect the interests of the leaseholders.

Keeping the property in good repair and ensuring the ground rents are collected is difficult to maintain, which is why most RMC’s will outsource these tasks to a managing agent who will deal with the day to day running on the leaseholders behalf.

An RMC, being a limited company, has many annual obligations such as filing accounts and confirmation statements at Companies House; up keep of the statutory books and registers and ensuring that the company’s constitution (its memorandum and articles) is followed.

How will M&N help? Working with M&N you can be certain that your RMC is compliant with the law and its articles of association. We act behind the scenes, whilst your managing agent deals with the day-to-day tasks. We are specialists in this field and that is why you should appoint M&N as your company secretary.

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