Annual Compliance Service

A company must comply with the regulations as set out in the Companies Act 2006.

This includes:

  • The creation, updating and maintenance of the legally required statutory registers using our specialist company secretarial software. The registers are also kept in a hard copy format in combined registers ready for inspection by auditors or such other persons that are legally permitted to inspect the registers.
  • Liaise directly with the accountants or auditors on the company’s behalf with regard to information requested from the registers. The Company Secretary (if any) is responsible for these registers which are required by law.
  • Preparation and filing of the company’s confirmation statement at Companies House.
  • Preparing allotments and transfers of shares including letters of application, board minutes noting these transactions, stock transfer forms, dealing with the relevant stamp duty office and issuing share certificates (any duty payable is charged separately).
  • Dealing with routine appointments and resignations of Directors and Company Secretary including board minutes and letters of resignation, preparation and filing of forms at Companies House, changes to recorded details, eg change of address.
  • Drafting of annual general meeting (AGM) or general meeting (GM) documentation including notices, board minutes to convene the meeting, proxy forms and corporate representative forms.
  • For dormant companies, preparation and filing of the dormant company accounts.
  • Alteration of the accounting reference date (ARD) as required.
  • Registering an Overseas Entity and filing update statements.
  • Electronic or manual filing of forms at Companies House (any Companies House fees are charged additionally).

Whether you are just about to set up a company or need assistance with the ongoing compliance requirements of your existing company

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