The confirmation statement, formally the annual return, was introduced from 30 June 2017 and is an annual filing obligation for UK companies and LLPs. The purpose of the confirmation statement is to ensure that the information held by Companies House about your company is up to date. It is the company’s responsibility to ensure that the information held about it on the public record is correct. If you have not previously notified Companies House about any changes that have taken place during the year, the confirmation statement is the perfect opportunity to submit this information. When you file your company’s confirmation statement, begin by checking what information was given in last year’s confirmation statement and also what is held at Companies House. This is a great opportunity for you to ensure that all the information held about your company is up to date. Remember to check all the important details such as the registered office address, location of the statutory records if they are not held at the registered office, your company’s standard industrial classification codes, details for the directors and secretary and the share capital, shareholder information, any transfers that took place during the year and your Company’s PSC information. You will need to be careful as some changes need to be reported alongside the confirmation statement. Other forms may need to be filed at the same time as the confirmation statement if some changes have not yet been reported to Companies House. If you note any changes to your company’s share structure you will need to update the information contained in this year’s confirmation statement before submitting it to Companies House. The confirmation date is the date at which the information contained in the confirmation statement is correct and the next confirmation date falls 12 months after the last confirmation. The confirmation can be delivered on paper or filed electronically upon payment of a fee. For help with your company’s confirmation statement or queries about annual compliance, contact M & N Group so we can help you remain compliant with our fast and efficient service.